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Zhongshan Yuemei Photoelectric Co., Ltd
Zhongshan Yuemei Photoelectric Co., Ltd
Zhongshan Yuemei Photoelectric Co., Ltd
  • 16 years :Since its establishment in 2006, the company has been committed to the development of solar street lamps for more than ten years!
  • Excellent team: The company's own solar lighting research and development team and appearance engineer long-term guarantee quality and quality innovation.
  • Full station factory:The production of self-owned patch, lamp bead and other accessories does not need the help of third-party accessory units, greatly reducing the pressure of purchase
  • Quality assurance:Won a number of appearance patent certificate and a number of outstanding contributions to the industry and various quality certificates complete!
  • Supply in time:The company has six production lines and four r & d units, long - term production supply sources!
  • After-sales:24 hours online customer service tracking to solve all difficult miscellaneous diseases
Zhongshan Yuemei Photoelectric Co., Ltd
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Customer testimonials

  • Customers from Bangladesh

    Customers from Bangladesh

        Customers from Bangladesh come to discuss new cooperation projects. Yuemei demonstrates the latest product - solar street lamp. The customers fully affirm the product quality and company strength, and sign the contract on the spot and determine the long-term procurement cooperation program.

  • Customers from Pakistan

    Customers from Pakistan

        Customers from Pakistan, Guzhen leaders appointed foreign guests to visit our company. With the patience of the Minister of Foreign Trade of our company, foreign guests learned about the concept and advantages of solar street lamp design. Through this inspection, our company formed a consensus on product interface with both Arab customers, and reached a broader cooperation intention, and established a good cooperative relationship. We will work together to build high-quality solar photovoltaic power generation.

  • Customers from Libya

    Customers from Libya

        Libyan customers tell us: Why choose Yuemei? Their products are advanced in technology, stable in performance and excellent in service. After purchasing and using their solar street lamp and solar courtyard lamp, my company's business volume is on the rise dramatically, and my customers are unanimously giving praise. This makes me happy that the solar energy products will be extended to the new lithium intelligent solar street lamp and other French urban renovation projects, can take on such a large project, solar energy with our efforts, I believe not. Come on, we will cooperate more closely with more big projects!

  • Peruvian customer: Yuemei solar street lamp quality is reliable!

    Peruvian customer: Yuemei solar street lamp quality is reliable!

        Peruvian customers praised Yue Mei's solar street lamps for their excellent design and reliable quality. Customers have fully affirmed the quality of products and the strength of the company, and signed the contract on the spot and determined the long-term procurement cooperation program.


Question plagued

Cheap lamps and lanternsThere is no confidence in the municipal engineering project, because the quality of the supplier selected at a low price has had serious problems before

The fault moreSolar panels, controllers, LED light sources or batteries run for a few months to break the solar street lights can no longer be normal light!

Unable to acceptanceThe solar street lamp was put out in advance at night, and the time of continuous cloudy day was not enough, and the later acceptance could not pass


Established in 2006, Zhongshan Yuemei Photoelectric Co., Ltd. is located in Guzhen, the "Lighting Capital of China", which is an innovative enterprise engaged in research, development, production, sales, construction and technical services of solar wind energy and LED products. It has a complete and scientific quality management system. The products mainly include solar street lamp, wind and solar complementary street lamp, LED street lamp, solar courtyard lamp, LED light source, etc. The company has obtained the quality certification of CCC, CE, ROSH issued by international and domestic authorities. Products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and other countries and regions, in the new rural construction, road lighting, urban district lighting and other projects are widely used. In the new aspect of R&D and innovation, the company invests a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources to acquire a large number of core technologies of solar energy application products, upgrade from traditional enterprises to innovative enterprises, and gradually explore a way of product development that closely combines semiconductor lighting and solar energy. The company adheres to the principle of "honesty is the basis of development, quality is the guarantee of development, innovation is the driving force of development". In the increasingly fierce market competition, with the concept of win-win cooperation, excellent quality, scientific management and perfect service. Create value for customers! 
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